13 April 2014

the wind, the rain and the trout

After a disappointing day on a river further afield on Saturday I was keen to get out again this afternoon to try and redeem myself, this time fishing a local burn. Like yesterday the downstream wind was proving to be a total nuisance, I was having great difficulty getting my cast to land where I intended it too, getting caught up on overhanging branches etc in the process, to make matters worse the rain decided to team up with the wind,  momentarily i thought i might have been better off staying in the house listening to the football instead!

despite this the burn had decent clarity and was running at a good height,  as i made my way upstream i started to pick up a few trout in between the bad casts, all falling to the good old brown wire nymph with one or two having a go at the dirty polly on the surface.

blue ting on the gill cover
  this pounder put up a great scrap on the six footer, careering about the pool,  jumping several times before i got him in the net.

next pool up produced another nice trout

not that i knew much about him, he was on when i lifted off at the end of a cast

he was the last fish of the afternoon before i went home, contented having found a few trout.