23 June 2012

Floundering Around

It's been probably the best part of twenty years since i last caught a flounder, and wit a new interest in  sea fishing , it seemed a good species to break into this side of the sport. First we had a trip to the tackle shop, we got  some bait,  Frozen lug, herring , peeler crab and a handful of leads.

When we arrived the tide was just on the turn from it's lowest point, it took a fairly big walk to get to where we wanted to start, over mud flats , pretty unpleasant really, but we finally got set up and fishing, the water was very coloured .
Muddy waters

Started off with a wee bit peeler on our two flapper rigs tipped of with a bit lug, and shock horror i got a bite! A flounder mission accomplished!

Thought the fish would just keepon coming but they didnt,fishless hours went by , what did keep coming though was crab after crab robbing our bait.
A nice clean spot

After a while we dicided  to move to more comfortable ground, it was now approaching the top of the tide.
We were now restricted to herring the crabs would strip the bait down to the bone, but eventually it got through to fish, and i picked up another species you might expect at this mark a silver eel.

Brian then managed a fish it came as a bit of a surprise as a crab surfaced taking the top flapper but on the bottom one a "fluke" , again mission accomplished!

I had one more flounder before calling it  a day, really enjoyable day, extremely messy and smelly, but fun, cant wait till next time.