7 January 2012

Going off-coarse! 6th Jan

Into a Carp
I'm mainly a fly angler but now and again i do a little Coarse fishing and as the rivers were still high for doing our preffered grayling fishing  , Brian suggested it would be a good option . So it was off to Eliburn reservoir was fair looking forward too it, on the way we planned to get maggots, but the tackle shop at broxburn didnt open , so it was a drive into edinburgh to country life , after buying a few floats , hooks and the maggots , we eventually found ourselves setting up.Gradually the loose feeding began to kick in and we were into fish, first a perch each,
then an ide each ,then i lost a carp, infact i hooked two , lost both, in the session, mid way through the day the gudgeon joined the perch in the  feeding  spree,
and even the roach put   in a appearance ,the ide put in a late appearace again.
A shocked looking roach
a fine way to spend a day.