27 March 2013

a little hope

The cold temperature's around just now haven't been conducive to good fishing, after failing to connect with any trout at the weekend on a normally productive burn i wasn't feeling overly confident about my chances of success this afternoon on another wee burn.

bitterly cold on Saturday

Despite a dusting of snow on the ground this morning the afternoon didn't feel to bad and the little snow that we had had all but disappeared. The wee burn was  running its usual slightly murky colour so i set up with a glister bug below a big klink.

i fished through lots of nice pools and runs without an offer, then in a slower pool a take at last and i was delighted to bring this wee fella to hand, not very big but i was so pleased to see a trout!

a little hope


 i took another camera shy trout upstream from another slower pool, and that was my lot for the afternoon. Col tells me he spotted rising trout on his local river this afternoon when he was out with the dog, so all in all i feel we're slowly climbing out of the cold spell and heading in the right direction at last!