23 July 2013

Orkney July 2013

Its laughable  all the rods I thought I might need for a few days in Orkney, think I took up three fly rods, three sea rods plus a tripod. Daft really as in the end I only used a 7-35 gram spinning rod for the limited time I had to fish. First night I had a go of Churchill barrier no 3 which has been good to me in the past with the odd big pollack, but not this time as I only managed a tiny cod on a texas rigged isome, had a few nibbles on a slug go and saw a Pollack splash at my lure on the surface, a bit disappointed but it was a nice night to be out anyway.

 next again afternoon I had the first of three sessions at Hoxa head cliffs in search of Pollack,

caution is required here as rocks tend to slop towards the sea. 

the fishing wasn't exactly electric but I was pleased to land a couple of modest Pollack on a texas rigged slug go

that was as good as it got unfortunately as my next two visits saw be blank, there didn't seem to be much activity, no signs of any bait fish or small coalies, perhaps the bright conditions didn't help? the only follow I got was from a seal which followed my fiiish minnow right to my feet, they must look realistic, I nearly jumped out of my skin! 

the ferry on its way to St Margaret's Hope

another go of barrier no 3 produced a surprise flounder on the isome

  a wee cod 

and a few of these when I got bored with no bites

so not exactly a successful holiday from a fishing point of view but everyone had a great time enjoying the good weather, including Clyde who's found a new love of water and generaly getting in a right old mess!

the other highlight of the holiday I forgot to mention was on the ferry on the way over, it slowed right down so everyone could get a look at pod of killer whales, a truly awesome sight, wish I had got a picture of them.