7 October 2012

sun, sea and flatfish

We were back on an  East Lothian beach yesterday, with the hope of catching some nice flounders and maybe a turbot if we were lucky, unlike the last visit, we fished two rods each this time to increase  our chances of success.

I was quickly of the mark landing two flounders in quick succession before Col had his first double shot of the day

Col had a good wee spell after that landing a few including a nice pounder and a tiny Turbot!
note the disposable gloves to try and keep the stink of the smelly bait of our hands!

I was having a quite spell so moved up the beach where i lost a decent fish before landing my first ever double shot

it was a lovely day to be on the beach

sport slowed down after that but Col landed another decent flounder and just as we were ready to call it a day i got a better one too, three for the frying pan.

Total tally for the day was six flounders  for me, seven for Col plus the lovely wee turbot.