10 June 2012

back on the road again

My old car ended up at the breakers yard after the timing belt went a couple of weeks back,  a sore one to take financially and it also reminded me that a car is the most important piece of fishing equipment i own. Anyway I'm glad to be back on the road again with another set of wheels,  and yesterday i put the new run around to good use and went on our first loch piking trip of the year.

Unfortunately the fishing was poor, conditions weren't great a lot of the time with bright sunshine and very little wind, i had one half hearted take from a jack and a follow from what looked like a better fish, Col did a bit better loosing a decent fish and landed a couple of lively jacks which put up a great fight.

  probably the hardest days fishing we've had on this loch but never mind,  hopefully the pike will be in the mood next visit.