16 March 2013

against the odds

Yesterday turned out to be a bit of a disappointment for me, Ive been so looking forward to opening day but unfortunately mother nature had her way with  all my local burns looking like a scene from charlie and the chocolate factory what with all  the snow melt.

 On the phone to Col last night  he suggested that we try a wee burn in his neck of the woods today which he hoped would be running clear enough to fish. Today the rain was steadily getting worse as the morning went on,  and driving  through to Col's the roads were full of big puddles. I was resigned to the fact that fishing anywhere today would most probably be a total waste of time, but after a  bacon roll and a coffee at col's we decided to go and have a look anyway. We peaked over a  bridge on the burn and although the clarity didn't look perfect it looked good enough to have a try anyway. Around about this time the sleety rain turned to snow and it was coming down strong, i cant honestly remember fishing for trout on such a horrible day.

 We fished through a couple of pools fishing nz style without so much as a touch,  already we had thoughts of heading for  home and spending the afternoon tying up a few flies instead. Then my klink dipped it was a surprised  to feel a  nice trout on the end rather than being snagged! 

my first of the season on the ever reliable glister bug

this spurned us on and we continued on upstream in the steadily worsening weather

I took another which was lying in thin water on the near bank, this one as  silvery as a sea trout

 we thought of fishing another stretch further upstream but in the end decided enough was enough what with the horrible weather and headed back to the car, it was looking so unlikely but thanks to Col ive managed to get of the mark this weekend, cheers bud.