15 July 2012

fair weather fisherman

I dragged myself out of bed early this morning in order to catch the start of the incoming tide at the  harbour we were fishing last weekend. I felt like crap to be honest and the temptation to stay in bed was so great, but no pain no gain as they say and by 6.30 i was tackling up on the pier with an unrelenting wind hitting my face.

First cast resulted in one of my wee pals taking the lug!

  Nothing after that for a while and the wind was making life difficult, can't say i was enjoying myself,  then a good rattle on the rod tip and i struck into a snag, i managed to pull it free and found myself connected to a lovely wrasse, i was pleased!

   as much as i tried to add to this fish i failed to connect with anything else and threw in the towel at 11.30, fed up with the constant wind and in need of a coffee, a fair weather fisher i guess!