15 May 2011

A Breezy day in the highlands

Myselfd and Brian headed for the stream we fished a week ago. The wind was not favourable a strong downstream which made presentation dificult at times. We prospected with a NZ set-up and it was , Brian's klink which dipped first, he was  first in to a fish a cracker just a few ounces over 2lb.

We came across a odd pool where we found risers, and took a few wee trout.

nothing big but welcome on a difficult day , a few more small fish were taken on nymphs, then shortly later Brain hooked up with another lovely trout.
This one just shy of the 2lb mark but beautifully marked, just as you would expect from this river. My luck just wasn't there for the bigger troots today. A few jabs and trouts came to wooly buggers as we made our way back down the beat dropping in in the odd pool , yes now is wooly bugger time, a time where the method can be addictive, yes productive , at times be over abused ,with always the hope of pulling the attention of a lunker , but  just as deadly for the standard scottish troots.

What was left of the day folowed a  very long tiring walk down back to the car.