19 March 2014

The Wind and the Willows

I'm on holiday just now so been keen to get in some early season fishing. Fortunately so far it has coincided with a spell of relatively dry weather , on the other hand it has been rather blustery, and as i type  30mph winds are battering off my windows.

behind the willows
On Monday the 17th i headed to the big river , a chance to break out the 9fter for the first time this season , i arrived just after 12pm and found my first riser in the lee of the wind behind some overhanging willows as i walked downstream.He was a steady riser , and took my klink first drift over , and while i was playing him his pal gave himself away , pretty much peas in a pod.

carrying on downstream i repeated the same feat , another brace, before walking back upstream . some great pools but not a fin stirred , the hatch in truth wasn't great only the odd olive promptly caught by the wind and blown off the water. I only managed one further fish before deciding that was it for the day.

The Tuesday i went to my local water, got down for back of 12pm , it wasn't long before some olives came off , and i promptly took a small trout which gave himself away only yards from where i was sitting waiting for the drama of the hatch in my banker pool to unfold. But despite a few flies coming down a slow typical good bet for early season pool nothing seemed to show interest so i moved up to the next banker pool, i was really expecting something to show as the olives trickled down in ones or twos , but nowt.

I carried on a mile or so upstream finally to find another dimple riser , strangely though the hatch seemed to get stronger , and i cant help but wonder if i should have sat it out in those "banker spots" i guess ill never know. Slow going but putting in in perspective we are only days into the new season. 

Somethings not so slow though is the bankside flora . The wood anemone was fit to burst and a few lesser celandine's were starting to show. I don't know whats in store the rest of the week looks like dropping temperatures and heavy rain tomorrow, hope it doesn't effect the rivers too much?