9 May 2013

Turn of the stone clingers

Got down the river for 1pm. it was a lovely day in the morning , i didn't even bother with the jacket, but payed for it, as i sat for over an hour and a half before wetting a line once the flies finally started hatching. Not much baetis species in evidence , today the stone clinger species were in dominance, brook duns and the first of the olive uprights hatched the trout though don't seem to have fully switch on to them yet , but they will , it's my favourite hatch of the  season , really gets the fish gorging . Overall  a strange day seemed to get colder as the day wore on and the rain came on at 4pm making fishing a bit uncomfortable and cold (no jacket) , the old Scots phrase "don't shed a cloot 'til Mays oot" is very fitting.
 a few pics.

pink purslane