9 May 2013

Turn of the stone clingers

Got down the river for 1pm. it was a lovely day in the morning , i didn't even bother with the jacket, but payed for it, as i sat for over an hour and a half before wetting a line once the flies finally started hatching. Not much baetis species in evidence , today the stone clinger species were in dominance, brook duns and the first of the olive uprights hatched the trout though don't seem to have fully switch on to them yet , but they will , it's my favourite hatch of the  season , really gets the fish gorging . Overall  a strange day seemed to get colder as the day wore on and the rain came on at 4pm making fishing a bit uncomfortable and cold (no jacket) , the old Scots phrase "don't shed a cloot 'til Mays oot" is very fitting.
 a few pics.

pink purslane


  1. Love the wildflower pictures, keep them coming. Big mayflies = big fish to the surface. Looks like fun times are ahead

  2. Thanks mark , hope a few of the better trout are tempted by the bigger mays, fingers crossed.

  3. Over here the spinner falls bring the big boys up!

  4. Don't know what to like, just read this post.
    All things good.

  5. Thanks Alan, been scratching up on my wild flowers lately , it's been interesting, the pink purslane stretches as far as North America.

  6. Nice pics Col, very different coloration on the two trout, looks they come from different river systems

    I worked out why I couldn't post comments!



  7. Your right stu they almost look a different species, trout variation is amazing.

  8. If they ae from the same rive that I have a permit on? I have caught fish similar to each of them
    The more typical spotted fish in the lower pic and the more unusual fish in the top pic with the few spots.
    I wonder if one kind are a result of stocking in the 80's and the other the original strain

    Just a speculative thought!

    Hopefully heading up to the shooglie bridge tomorrow :)

  9. From the Avon, but it was once stocked a swell. Almond and Avon brownies share a lot of similarities.