5 May 2013

More woodland colours and fish

I somehow  managed another day fishing today (i think i may have achieved extra brownie points?) so decided on the lower stretches of my local river. The fishing was pretty good when i arrived at 1pm so it was just a case of working my way up the river picking of risers  , all were taken on what have become my industrious spring workers,  the biot klink and shucked cdc.

  I pulled out of two better fish on my way upstream, but Ive noted there position for the future,a few modest trout though stuck.

Plenty more flowers in the wood today, the forest floor in some parts is going to be a sea of bluebells in the next few weeks, it will be a stunning sight .

The marsh marigolds are almost blinding on the fringes of the stream.

Wood sorrel (oxalis)  apparently rich in vitamin c , next time I'm there i think I'll try some mmmmm.....

Its not just the flowers putting on a show, An unravelling fern (bracken i think).

 Suburbia creeps in.

And a nice fish to finish a nice  day .


  1. great stuff col, like the fern pic and that last trout is a looker.

    1. Thanks brian , ferns are cool.

  2. Good looking trout there Col, nice nature shots too, including the human nature :)that last fish is very pretty.

  3. thanks douglas, that fish really made my day.

  4. Some very nice browns there! I love the wildflower pictures especially the bluebells. The ferns are unfolding over here and I see alot of wood sorrel but didn't know if was edible

  5. Thanks mark, never tried the sorrel yet, might be good I a salad? Apparently the whole plant is edible.