9 September 2012

long beach, tiny Turbot

Col and i  headed down the coast for another go on the beach we fished for a wee while last weekend, but not before popping into Mikes tackle shop first as i was after a few bits and bobs for making up some rigs. The chap who served us really knew his stuff and was a mine of information regarding the local flounder beaches and how to go about fishing them, trace set up, bait etc,well worth the visit.

Once we were on the beach it was a case of where do you start? its a long stretch of sand so we walked and looked for any fishy looking features like gullies, giving an area  20 mins or so in an attempt to locate some flounder or move on if no bites were forthcoming.

  there was a wee bit that looked like it had a trickle of fresh water coming in and here we got the odd rattle on the rod tip and a couple of  wee flounders, nothing for tea then!

a long fishless spell after that as we tried different parts of the beach, not a waste of time though as I'm sure some of these areas will produce the goods on another day, just not today! we were about to move again to another spot and as i wound in i was surprised to have a fish on, a tiny Turbot! i was over the moon even if it was just a wee one.

 what fantastic looking fish they are, and as autumn arrives theres always the chance of some bigger  ones, rest assured we'll be trying our best to catch one.