20 March 2012

Gone cukoo?

Last night it rained, light rain was the forecast, but it was heavy enough to colour up the rivers. So no fishing today.....Aye right! On the walkwith the dog which is alongside my local river and also the canal , i pass first a small burn. Passing it on the way down it was coloured but low, i also pass it further upstream after coming off the canal towpath and by the time i'd got round it was running clear.

So i had a fishable option,  i was more interested in seeing what it was like in it's lowest reaches as i'd never been , in all honesty it's not a burn that anyone would really consider fishing , it's on the burn/ditch border, very small very overgrown and if anyone caught me in the act of fishing it they would think i'd lost it.

Well the place i tackled up was probably quite fitting then!
    I then walked through the woods to where it empties into  the main river .
The Main river was still the colour of milky coffee maybe   clear for tommorow. Any way , i tackled up with a dry at first, and not expecting anything i hooked my first trout, which promptly shook it's self off, a few runs up in a pocket, i decided to add a nymph NZ style, and a wee trout came kicking in on the nymph. In some runs the nymph was useful on others i just fished a dry , and here and there i got fish.
the pools were very mixed in character some were narrow pots, ideal for the nymph.
some runs.
And the odd short pool.
Of these types of water  the runs seemed most productive. fairly enjoyable wee session catapult casting my way up a ditch. Ive a couple of other tiny tributaries to explore , they may be fishless but "ye don't know till you go".
yellae fellae