4 April 2014

headwaters in the high water

After work this afternoon i was keen to get my fishing fix, only trouble was the rain this week had left my local river not only high but dirty too,  i didn't think the burns would be fairing much better to be honest but thought it would be worth having a look at the upper reaches of one that  might be ok. I parked up the car and went down for a wee look, pleasingly it looked good, it was running high and peaty but definitely worth a try!

My intention was to walk downstream a bit before fishing my way back up, but i couldn't resist having a cast in this pool first.

after a few casts the glister bug worked its magic in the peaty water,  still a little thin but most welcome.

  downstream this pool was red hot with several trout coming to both the nymph and the klinky.

i don't  think ive fished this stretch in at least twenty years, some of it never!

by the time i had fished my way back to the car i had managed to bring a fair few trout to hand, on a day that was looking hopeless elsewhere. There's a lot more of this stretch to be discovered, i'll keep it up my sleeve for  a rainy day.