8 June 2014

you cant win them all

An early start yesterday morning, i managed to crawl out of bed at the back of four to get myself along to a local still water which has a good population of wild Tench in it. I guess i was hoping to find the place alive with Tench rolling on the surface, fizzing bubbles and all that stuff but unfortunately it was decidedly dour, i saw the odd Tench from time to time, enough to keep me going, but couldn't temp any into my swim.The hours past without any interest in my bait but at least i was staring at a quality float, George from the Flee and Float blog made me some for the very job, as you can see George makes beautiful floats, i really want to get a picture of a wild Scottish tench next to one of his floats but alas not this time, ill keep at it though until i do! with the sun now really quite harsh on the clear water venue i jacked it in before ten and went home for a wee kip for a couple of hours as i was feeling a bit knackered.

In the afternoon i decided to do another thing on the to fish for list and dug the float tube out of the shed, a bit of fly fishing for the pike. I arrived at the chosen Loch at around 3pm with a now increasingly dark sky, rain was on its way. When i picked up my permit the guy told me that the area i was heading too had fished well the day before with Pike up to 17lb, encouraging! i launched myself into the loch at the chosen area and what happened next was quite unexpected... second cast and i was in, obviously a good pike too by the way it tore of ,  a few adrenalin pumping runs later we parted company, curses rang around the loch! still that was only the second cast so maybe i was in for a good afternoon/evening.... eh no, the heavens opened as i flogged away for a couple of hours without a take. I had a breather for a wee while as cramp was setting in on my legs

in for round two and i was soon into a Pike not far from the shoreline

just a wee fella at around 5lb but in perfect condition, sorry about the picture quality, it was raining heavy, my cheap waterproof camera's image quality isn't the best!

i flogged away again for a while but it just wasn't happening, don't know how the rain effects pike but it effected me! i had one other brief  hook up before calling it a night, not the most productive days fishing then but with a bit of luck i'll be back after the Tench and Pike over the summer months.