20 February 2012

Oh i do like to be beside the seaside!

The plans were in place to do a bit bass fishing, flys tied, last minute of getting  line trays assembled etc. We also had the benefit of getting some info, by an experienced saltwater fly angler, who put us right on flies materials hook sizes and gave us the general feel for the area, thankyou Colin! We also met a angler tackling up to do a bit lure fishing, and we had a good blether, it was nice to meet Martin , an obvious fishaholic , who spends a lot of his time fishing allround  the country ,  in the sea.

Unfortunately the sea was too wild to fish and it was a bit dirty, but i cannot wait to get back , when the going is good! More flies to tie , ordered up some more hooks, and converted another  basin into a line tray at work today , ...obsessed!

basin bashing!
So me and Brian on the way home decided to pop up the canal to see if we could get a pike or two. grabbed a few essentials at my house , and before long we were setting up, half the basin was covered with ice , but we had a shot in the clear half. i put  on a fire tiger jumbo braid baitfish and on my first cast fish took got off, next same result and on the third cast he was hooked , but shortly threw the hook. We did both get a few more jabs here and there. Brian decided to try one of his red and white clousers, and it proved a real hit with the jacks he landed a brace before the end of the day. If it's windy next week, and it's looking that way , might do a bit of piking on the canal , ive also a wee pond or two  in mind.