20 August 2012

Tributary of a Tributary

Headed to my local trout streams main tributary for a few casts yesterday late afternoon , caught a few then decided to head up again, further one of it's tributaries. It's been almost exactly a year since ive fished it, and only a handful of times before this .

The water looked great , but it was tough going fishing in amongst the weed nothing rose, it felt fishless and i even suspected a pollution incident. I was just about to head back when away upstream a fish rose, relieved  i put on a size 12 dirty polly and it obliged , nothing big just a wee trout typical of a wee burn.

 A few casts later i turned something much bigger felt the resistance and it was gone. Things were  looking up.

The next pool was quite deep and through it's main body fairly slow , i upped my fly size and up came a fish , it was a good one too as it scrapped really hard bending my 2 weight into a continuous arch. with a few nervous moments , i thought have i foul hooked it , but no it was hooked fair and square in the scissors, the fish went a 1lb 1/4 a fine fish for a wee burn .

 After that the fishing nose dived again though i did prick a couple.