26 January 2013

all the eggs in one basket

 Pleasingly from a fishing point of view there hasn't been much of a thaw as yet so the river was still running clear and at a good height for fishing today.

 After a while czech nymphing through a pool i thought i had snagged the bottom again but this time the bottom moved! i caught sight of the big Grayling on the end but wasn't feeling at all confident about how good the hook hold was, the fish moved down stream but i was in an awkward position to follow him down, Col was on hand below me though and i was relieved to see the big grayling in his net!

the fly came out in the net so not sure what he took

2lb 12oz

after a while and no further offers we decided on a move and fished a couple of pools that have produced some good grayling for us in the past, unfortunately this time we drew a blank so in the late afternoon we found ourselves back where we started the day.It didn't take long  for my indicator to dip this time and i lifted into what felt like another hefty fish. A nervous fight took place with the fish staying deep but after a while we got our first glimpse of another monster Grayling, it seemed to take an age before she was ready and Col slipped the net under her.

Just shy of 3lb

after all the excitement i gave Col the wee coral egg fly to try and no sooner had we started to fish again and he was into another big grayling

2lb 10oz on the egg pattern again

we fished on a bit after that but not surprisingly with grayling of this size that was our lot for the day,i hear rain tonight so looks like we timed it right.