26 February 2012

Bass-tastic dude!

A flock of Dunlins
We Arrived at low tide revealing a almost lunar landscape, the flies tied during the week were tied on and we fished, remarkably after half an hour Brian hooked up and  landed the first bass  of the day! He was over the moon understandably because prior to the trip we wereboth bass virgins.
Just then Colin joined us , and he was quickly into fish after fish . His experience on fishing the salt clearly shone through.
Ripping them out
Brian was getting in on the action too!
Meanwhile i struggled on , i'd had the odd take , lost a  fish  , but i finally did get a fish.halleluja!
soaked we retreated for a coffee,  soaked  by the odd rogue wave,  before colin headed home and we had a few more casts. And no more luck. A big thankyou to Colin for showing us the ropes, without his guidance  i'm pretty sure i would still be waiting for my first bass!