17 September 2012

solitude on a mossy stoned burn

Yesterday i managed to sneak away for a couple of hours fishing in the late afternoon, i decided to go to a gem of a wee burn that's only a short drive away in the car but nicely tucked away from the urban sprawl. Once i had fought my way through the thick undergrowth to get into the river the view upstream was pleasing to the eye, the peat stained water was flowing at a favourable height with lots of nice pocket water to fish among the moss covered stones, and no shortage of deep heavily overgrown pools to explore.

     i went with the stimulator and glister bug combo and it wasn't long before i got some reaction from the resident trout.

it's amusing to watch the trout smash into the big stimulator, i failed to hook them all except one which was a better than average trout, unfortunately he threw the hook when he cleared the water. Perhaps i should have put on a smaller fly to increase hook ups but i just love the way the trout attack the stimulator so kept it on. The glister bug was seeing plenty of  action too with the small but beautifully marked trout.

All to soon it was time to head home with the light beginning to fade,  but i enjoyed my couple of hours of solitude on this mossy stoned burn.