2 July 2014

Its all the rag!

At the weekend myself and Brian went to St. Abbs to see if the wrasse would show up. There was quite a cold breeze blowing and i dont know if it was a factor , but it was a no show on the wrasse front. But the sea scorpions and the flounders were there and they kept us busy through out the day. A visit to Ebbscar cafe on the harbour was great to get out the cold wind and fill our bellies, next time we will make sure we get there before 11am just to get the full English breakfast!

Yesterday i had a visit to Burntisland with the sun shining brightly an a warm day it looked like a great day to sit by the Fife coast.

First place to visit was the Bakers shop , where i got myself a scotch pie and a baked bean and potato one of the same variety .

Stomach contented i set up for a afternoon  in the harbour , the target once again wrasse.
I drop shotted angle worms,  gulp sandworms  and isome had the odd pluck but no real commitment in the bites . Then a gent offered me some rag worms , using a small sections the bites came fast and furious and i began to pick up wrasse steadily through out the day , all ballans , nothing big but beautifully coloured , and great fighters, i also had a small pollock a few tiny coalfish and a blenny, surprisingly no goldsinnys today .

As high tide approached and the ebb began , the bites slowed so i called it a day a little burnt from the sun  , next time ill also have to remember my sun screen and ill be sure to dig a few  Rag for back up.