19 March 2012

What a hatch!

First day of my fortnights holiday, where will i go? It was windy so a good bet was my local, a westerly meant downstream rather than up. Dog walk out the way i got down for 12pm , flies were trickiing off, a couple of fish rising at the tail of a pool the one nearest looked the better one, (he was'nt really) the one further over took a biot klink first time , the nearer   one was a bit fussy, but eventually i got him on a cdc- flexi emerger. Further up i came across two trout rising side by side the near one looked small the further one was clearly a better fish ,by now loads of flies were coming down, infact i don't think ive seen a better hatch of large dark olives on this river. i chucked my fly box at them both , eventually i put on a para-dun rose the good fish, but  didnt connect. 

Moving on up plenty risers in the tails and main belly of the pool to throw a fly at they were  a lot less fussy   falling to the biot klink hammer , It was a fairly hectic 2 hours then by 2pm the hatch died , and barely a rise form was to be seen, though i did manage a few fishing blind, maybe head down again tommorow a few scores to settle.