2 February 2015

snow, ice & grayling

The little snow that fell here last week has all but disappeared but driving down to the river yesterday there was increasing amounts of the white stuff still lying about, a good few inches by the time i arrived at the river. Still it was a fine sunny day with the river running clear and at a nice height.

I concentrated my efforts in some streamy water and it didn't take long for the float to register the first Grayling of the day. One of my very favorite sights in fishing is that first glimpse of the grayling's lovely dorsal breaking the surface.

  sport was quite good for a wee while with a good few grayling and the odd trout before it tailed of a bit in the afternoon.

i ran into a few difficulties when i lost one of the wee screws  from the reel mount of  my centre pin, but i managed to cobble it together enough to keep me fishing, to be fair the reel gets a tough time of it, and considering it was only about £30 on ebay i think its been a brilliant buy.

I'm hoping that there isn't a sudden thaw before next weekend as the river is at such a nice height just now, just have to wait and see.