8 June 2012

Going Cuckoo

Lacking a bit of enthusiasm of late as far as fishing go's particularly trout fishing, same old i guess, and probably not an unusual trait at this stage in the season . Other species and even other methods are starting to dominate my thoughts pike on the fly , and saltwater fly fishing, and recently i bought a "flattie" rod for a bit flounder fishing .
Well today i went into work to finish off a personal project, a beach rod rest, gave it a lick of paint etc looks like it will be up to the job.

After that i had a couple of hours to spare, i couldnt be bothered with the prospect of putting on waders etc, so decided on the local wee burn, at most i would need wellies.
The first wee pool is always a banker, i promptly caught a wee fish a pricked a slightly better one on a size 14 klink.

The fish were not numerous infact this is a stream that really needs some water , at that you really need to be on the water hours after rainfall, or it quickly go's back into it's normal low state, but today was'nt really about catching loads of fish , purely  enjoyment it' something wee streams give me , a sense of acheivement no matter the size of the fish when all go's to plan.
  Seems a few better sized fish here and there , the best today came from this hole under a bridge , i simply dropped my fly on the water and it shot out and grabbed it.
Ive another burn in mind for next week.


  1. good stuff col cant beat a bit of brun fishin to lift the spirts

  2. thanks Brian, and i beleive congratulations are in order on your new addition! Perhaps another seat required in the black bitch a few years down the line.

  3. I know that lack of enthusiasm feeling all too well guys. I've got the disease myself, at the moment.

    Ah bandies! Now you're talking guys.

    Some nice photos on your blog, by the way.


  4. Thanks John, went for the pike today which was a welcome refreshing change, i think me and Brian are going to have a spell with the pike and have a go in the sea as well both fly fishing and maybe a go in the sea/ estuaries with the standard sea gear for flounder, wrasse etc. After that a bit trout fishing might grab our interest again?

  5. Nice fish from the wee burn Col.

    There's a few beached near North Berwick where you'll get flatties + maybe Mackarel on the fly, so I'm told haven't done it myself!

  6. cheers tu i'm in N.Berwick now and again so will have to remember to pack the rod.