14 October 2011

Lucky Horseshoe ?

When i walked the dog this morning the trout were piling up for  spawning in my local burn. So the day was planned for a trip to the local grayling water in the afternoon. I didn't get there till just before 2pm, and was a little surprised to see the river in spate, with the water very dark. The fishing wasn't great, i had more trout than i did grayling , after rising several fish losing or missing them i  hooked my first grayling of the day,  a triumph in it's self in the conditions.
the amount of takes made it worth persevering the bigger slower pools were better than the fast ones , i hiope to get this stream in  good condition soon. When I reached the top of the beat, i met Douglas from The trout fly he'd had a few small grayling and trout too. We blethered down the road about fishing, herding some boisterous bulls on the way , and finding a horse shoe, which i gave to my son. I then said goodbye to Douglas whilst i went over a few pools I'd left. But to no avail, so far the horseshoe hasn't worked it's charm ! Maybe next time!


  1. Col - I found this post very interesting. Where I live (Colorado) people flock in droves to fish to spawning trout -- especially browns this time of year. This bothers me a bit. And instead you, change your plans to fish to grayling. The difference in practice and principle is an interesting dichotomy.....

    Thank you.

  2. The law kind of changes it for me. We are not permitted to fish for Brown trout after the 6th of October. I'm quite comfortable with that though. I hate catching trout at this time , it's in my head and probably most anglers in the uk that they are not fair game, after the date, which is maybe anylysing it a bit silly,as they are in peak condition (for spawning) but we know no other way.Some will have spawned already, but it's not until the 15th of March that the trout season begins again, till then it's grayling,maybe pike and a lot of time tying flies.

  3. Well now, that's very interesting...and I wish there would be more restrictions like that there. I have it in my head that way too -- it feels cheap to me, somehow, to cast to spawning trout. Yesterday I was at a stream where the brook trout were spawning and I just left them alone...watching them for awhile.
    It's all really a beautiful thing.