30 September 2012

the sound of the Suburbs

Went to a wee burn on the outskirts of Livingstone, it flows through parkland by housing estates and in parts through heath-land . When i first laid eyes on the water i thought i'd made a bad decision, as there appeared to be quite a bit extra water in, but there was enough clarity, so itwas a day of fishing the slack water at the edges behind boulders etc, my flies i picked were the stimulator and good old glister bug.
My fears were put to bed when my stimulator dipped as a fish nailed the glister bug.

It was a reoccuring theme throughout the afternoon, with plenty modest sized brownies from this magic wooded burn.

As the afternoon wore on there seemed to be a bit more interest to the stimulator. Why that should be ive no idea .

This will be my last trip to the burns for almost six months with the close season looming. Good to finish on a positive note.


  1. Don't mention the Close Season, "I see a bad mood a rising".

    Some nice trout there Col, the colouration on that last one is just peachy. I'm now thinking of what challenge to set myself during winter, I really hope it's nicer than the last few we've had. Looking forward to having a crack at the Grayling and the Coarse fish but the Harbours are also in with a shout.

    As always the trout will be sorely missed but they need to do their thing and be left well alone to do it.

    What are your plans for winter ?

  2. Thanks Douglas,plans for the close season are fly fishing the Grayling , maybe bass , and if the weather turns out mild enough perhaps the odd pike trip. As for other types of fishing , got plans to continue for flatties and maybe cod, and maybe the coarse gear might get the occasional airing? All is weather dependant ofcourse and just have to wait and see whats in store , it's been difficult enough planning trips this summer , ive found the summer to be a real wash-out and the Avon which is my bread and butter has hardly been fished at all since early May cause its resembled milky coffee.

    My heads working overtime at the moment for a short trip next summer with pollack in mind the aim is to target them on fly gear , but might get a hrf set up as back up.

    1. This Summer has been tough, I've only fished the Almond a handful of times this season and the burns have hardly been visited either. It seemed that whenever I had time to fish the rains would come and ruin my plans. I did manage some quick sessions on the WoL given that it's on the doorstep, had some nice trout too.

      It's a shame there isn't more wild fishing available on the local reservoirs, I can't remember fishing a resie this year. I hear Croswood has closed so hopefully the next manager will banish the bows (fat chance) and promote the brownies.

      I've been meaning to go and fish Threipmuir all year but never got round to it, I think it's stocked with Brownies mind.

      I'm thinking that this winter I'll just play it by ear and take what I can get, hopefully it will be mild, again, fat chance :)

  3. I've had good luck with the Stimulator lately.
    Season closing, that's tough.

  4. Hi Douglas, a mild winter would be nice! Fingers crossed!
    Hopefully crosswood bucks the trend?

    Alan, Looking forward to reading about your trip to Maine, your neck of the woods seems to have a lot of similarities tom ours in Scotland.

  5. Nice one Col!
    I love the white piping on those brownies fins!
    No more brownies for me from the water of leith now till next season.

  6. Cheers Jake, a few years since i last fished the WoL .

    Ive been in awe of all those fish you guys have been catching this season. particularly those corkwings they are beautiful looking fish!

  7. Hey Col, I was just given a couple of hen capes my mother found in the cancer research shop in Linlithgow, she said there was a box of tying gear in there but wasn't sure what most of it was, might be worth a deek if you're down the high street?

  8. Thanks for that info Douglas , if i get a minute i'll go and check it out. In the middle of a urgent repair to my fire place at the mo , could have been very expensive if didnt notice it (limestone) . glad i noticed it was coming away from the wall .