24 September 2012

The simple things...

Locally we have a fair number of burns each of them have there very own bit of character differant water quality and moods.

The first burn i hoped to fish today is a moody water, it is though more often or not very coloured  days where it is fishable are hard to time , i reckon it's just after a spate  as it's falling back to normal level it's at it's best but even then it can be a lottery. It does though have the novelty of a grayling population which is probably the main reason i fish it though i must admit the urge is weaning.I gave it a hour before deciding it was just too dirty, so headed 1/2 a mile along the road to fish a neighbouring burn.

This burn was running perfect.  With a slight peat stain. 
Mainly fished klinks and glister nymphs and there was plenty willing takers in brilliant techni-colour.

 I headed further upstream as i did  the burn lost a few small tributaries and naturally the fishing got tighter, due to undergrowth and trees encroaching on the small pockets of water. Here the catapult cast was useful , and it really gave a great sense of satisfaction when all went to plan .

 Here the fish seemed to be that bit smaller though none the worse for it .


but here and there there was still the odd better fish lying in wait .
what a refreshing  way to spend a afternoon.


  1. a nice way to spend the afternoon col, the last fish with red spots looks well fed!

    1. Aye a right wee chubster that one!