14 May 2015

When the Hawthorns appear

A day off today and an opportunity to go fishing. Was keen to go for trout today been a while since I have done being hampered by less than ideal conditions. Today an easterly blew and when i arrived at the river at the back of 12 pm very little was happening , what was evident though was the masses of hawthorn in the undergrowth.
Hawthorn fly
The fishing was slow and when i arrived at the pool i was really looking forward to i was moved on by two guys who had been waiting for the hatch to materialise i left them the pool and  headed further upstream. For about the next hour i didn't see much but once the olives finally put in a appearance the odd trout started to show  i started picking them off on shucked cdc's , and it was nice to see a few nice fish put in a appearance.
shucked cdc

Continuing upstream through some brambly terrain i came to a nice looking slow pool and near its tail a fish was rising under a tree.
 I eventually fooled the fish in to taking the shucked cdc , at first i didn't realise its size until I laid eyes on him , he behaved himself mostly just jagging away left and right , that's until he caught sight of me with a out stretched arm and a net , then he woke up and went ballistic taking line , and taking to the air , eventually though he tired and i managed to scoop him up.

He went 2 1/2 lb in the weigh net.

I was pleased to land such a fine fish. It had been a fine day to cast a fly. Now  I've really got to spend some time at the vice as stocks are getting low, might do a few hawthorn imitations too im sure its just a matter of time before the trout start picking  them off.

golden arches


  1. Stonking trout Col, it was blowing an easterly down here but it didn't stop the trout or the olives.

  2. thanks Ben. I love easterlies as although cooler on the vast majority if the rivers I fish it's generally a upstream wind. It helps my casting.

  3. Beautiful specimen, your pictures almost convinced me that summer had arrived :0)

  4. Thanks Martin , I wish the temperatures would get up a bit, having said that looks like the sea temps have made a good bit progress this week.

  5. Well done Col lovely fish.

  6. Thanks erogenous glad the fishing seems to finally have turned the corner

  7. Sorry George spellcheck strikes again. Lol