8 May 2015

On the Quayside (following scotts footsteps)

Thursday was my day off , i didn't know what to do , the rivers were swollen and the winds have been pretty strong recently luckily though they've mostly been westerlies ,so i decided to have a go down at Dunbar , and have a go with my increasing stash of lrf gear. This is actually my second visit a few weeks ago i had my first i had a few flounder but felt i never truly set the heather on fire i did though use some new tackle  cheburaska wit a trailing size 10 hook .  put directly on a size 10 hook , i managed a few follows , but it wasn't until going drop shot i got a couple of flounder on pink isome and gulp angle worm.

On this visit though i took a few tips from Scott Hutchinson's excellent blog something fishy going on  . The one thing i took was how he made his own assist hooks for using with the cheburashkas . I quickly made a few up before heading out the door . To be honest i wasn't sure what to expect when i got there and if it was going to be a complete waste of time with the sea state , but i was glad to see good clarity although it was quite gusty in the main harbour . I started off  in a corner of the harbour, the water was fairly shallow using the cheburashka and a size 10 assist I managed a wee flatty not sure if its flounder or plaice to be honest.
I carried on hoping for flatty no.2 but noticed the wee fellaes in pursuit of my slowly jigged angleworm , but felt the hook was to big , so i fashioned a few size 18 owner pin hook assist's from a small loop of nylon  , it worked pretty well.
think this ones a wee plaice
a few more little flatties followed before i decide to move again , this time to the inner most harbour. On arrival the sport was red hot , continuing with my same cheburaska size 18 hook with a red angle worm my first 4 casts resulted in fish , some even required the use of a drop net .

It was great fun i even managed a couple on my new crazyfish tipsy worms.

It was great fun , till the sport subsided about a hour approaching high tide, i then tried dropshotting to try and get another fish but it was pretty dead. looking forward to more LRF type trips , particularly wrasse fishing during the summer when it finally arrives.


  1. Good stuff Col. I'm really loving the Cheburashka rigged with what I'm now calling a "single hook stinger". It's also a fantastic presentation for nice supple paddtails too as it doesn't inhibit their action.

    Like the look of those tipsy worms. The watermelon colour should be great for wrasse in a month or so.

    Mind let me know if you and Brian can make the LRF meet up on the 24th. Probably fish Dunbar for some more fun with flatties. :-)

  2. i got the watermelon coloured one and the ruby one too, talking off paddle tails looking at those crazy river vibro worms , agm does them in motor oil which looks nice. Hope we can make the 24th , I'm off this Sunday coming.

  3. I've got way too many soft plastics already but they do look good. The 3.5" Cane Thumpers in "Sparkle Shad" also look killer but I'm going to resist the temptation!

    I'm at a loose end on Sunday actually. Could meet up if you fancy it? Weather ain't looking great though. :-/

  4. Weather doesn't lokgreat right enough , I guess the North wind today will colour up the sea?

  5. Good going! Them crazy fish lures are excellent. .

    1. Thanks Dimitrios, think I'll have to get a few more of those lures..

  6. well done Col a nice way to spend your day off and some lovely coloured fish to boot.:)

  7. Thanks George , looking fo ward to my next day fishing , what ever its for.