4 August 2014

coming out of the summer doldrums?

Yesterday morning i was having a look at the sepa river level site to see if the recent rain had made any difference to the summer lows we have just now, by chance i clicked on a perthshire stream which looked like it had rose a little in height,  not having fished it for some time now i was keen to give it try.

  its a beautiful stream to fish,  rocky with fast pocket water and pacey pools

i took the first of the day on the nymph

campanula  are one of my favorites on the bankside at this time of year

the cdc & elk, klink and nymph all took their share,  nothing big but great fun.

yella fella


it was great to be out fishing again, a bit more rain in the remaining couple of months of the sesaon would be nice, not to much mind you!


  1. Nice to hear you guys are getting some rain. That stream looks like the kind of water I like with some pretty browns to boot!

  2. Thanks Mark, not much rain mind you, aye you would be right at home on this stream, it's an unspoilt gem.

  3. Nice pics as always guys and nice to see you amongst the fish too. :)