10 July 2014

Fun in the Sun

Had a early start at Burntisland yesterday hoping for a wrasse  . These poppies looked stunning  in a otherwise industrialised setting by the harbour.
First fish to show face was a sea scorpion.
But a little pollock and a kelp cod followed , it took a while before the wrasse finally turned up , but there appearance made for some exciting  visual fishing.
I really enjoyed my day ,and at the moment it seems i'll never tire of pursuing these colourful  characters. Its a great way to spend a sunny day.


  1. Love the poppy pic col, I had a wee go at Burntisland last week but couldn't even get a bite! We're you using isome or the real thing this time around?

  2. Thanks bri, I took my wrasse on gulp and raw prawn . You could see them now and again going over the paler unweeded stones on the reef. At one point I counted 4 together.

  3. Nice post Col, I'm beginning to put more thought into the LRF stuff, caught my first mini species the other week at St. Abbs and can also see myself getting hooked on this. Do you know if this style of fishing is viable in winter around the piers and harbours ?

    1. Generally , I wouldn't bother in the winter as the sea cools all the summer species such as wrasse will stop feeding, there's also the clarity issue on the east coast.