26 August 2013

Skye Road trip day 2 (Pollack fest)

Next day we woke early just after 5 am after probably not the best nights sleep. The wind had got up through the night an 18mph from the south  , got showered and brewed a coffee and were on the way to a sheltered sea loch i fished with some success in south westerlies in July. we were on the water by 6:30am , two hours before high water.

We fished the most obvious outcrop first, the tides were spring tides so the water was much higher than usual , and strangely the deepest water off the end wasn't fishing that great , i had the first few fish some small pollack.

 and it wasn't till Brian moved to my inside he got sport as the tide came in until sport almost dried up altogether,
unfortunately Brian's fly line sustained some damage it was the 2nd line in 2 days , the same thing happened to me last month on my family holiday , perhaps a durability issue or maybe just the harsh environment taking its toal?

I got itchy feet and just after high tide decided to head for another part of the mark where "my[cols] rock" is , first two casts two fish the second being a nice one.

Brian noticing the action soon  followed. It was fish after fish for me.

 Brian though found it a bit frustrating trying to get the distance with his damaged fly line and missed out on the best of the sport, though he still managed a good few.

 his smaller fish in the pic below took a orange fly , which turned out to be a great fly, more later.

   We decided at 1:30 to retreat for some coffee. we started to boil the kettle on the stove then it ran out of gas, left the others in the tent , so in the end we decided to head back to the camp via the "fishing shop" and return later for the incoming tide. First though i looked out a line i repaired from my last trip  and we put it on Brian's reel for later .

On our way back to camp we tried to get some mackerel for bait with the intention of putting a couple of rods out early on in the tide , the best we could do was these pieces of fossilised salted mackerel , £1.80 each , looks like the shop keeper saw us coming!

crap bait!
After that we went and looked at another mark but it looked a bit choppy so after a bite to eat and a coffee we were fit to return for 5pm  .

It was a really grotty wet evening and the midges were out in force. We took the bait rods complete with fossilised mackerel, and lobbed them out hoping for a dogfish or perhaps a thornback ray. Meanwhile we pottered about till the tide came in with LRF gear. The odd baby pollack took hold, and i toyed with what i think was a small wrasse till it eventually got fed up with me .
lrf pollack

The bait rods went untouched , it wasn't that surprising really the bait was crap resembling a piece of leather. So i reeled them in with the tide now looking good for a bit fly sport. I headed out to my rock , meanwhile Brian loaded his spinning rod with a sand eel , rigged Texas style but still had the hook on from drop shotting , and he caught a coalfish on the bare hook, he then decided to put on a 2" hto knights lure on that hook, and promptly took a good  pollack  just over 4lb, it appears the pollack there like small lures over large as he went to take a few more , we also  found that  in our fly choice with size 2 clousers being best .
on a pink hto knight worm

Out on the rock i tied on a red fly took a few pollack before hooking a good one he was beat on the surface when the hook popped out, reckon he was about 6lb , never mind .

Brian then joined me with the fly rod and was happy with the fly line on the reel , which was getting good distance , and we caught   loads of pollack, the best 6lb for Brian followed by another around 5lb both on his  effective all orange clouser  . In all for our day i reckon we had around 70-80 pollack between us , great sport.


orange fly does the trick again

Thoroughly contented we headed back to base camp after what had been a long day , not at any speed though as we ushered a herd of cattle along the way  .

The usual beers consumed and then off to our tents for some sleep in preparation for our last day fishing.


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