26 August 2013

Skye road trip day 1

Finally our yearly trip away had had arrived After a few weeks of planning .  Brian picked me up at 7 am on the Thursday , we were heading for the Isle of Skye.
 We arrived stopped for a bite to eat on the way  , and arrived at Dunvegan campsite.  We got out tents set up , with a bit of difficulty,  and brewed up a coffee before heading out fishing. As the light easterly wind looked favourable we headed for  Skyes most western point  famous for its fishing and whale watching opportunities called  Neist point.

We  arrived at  the mark  just an hour or so  after low tide, so the plan was to fish it up to high tide , or until it got dark as it was beautiful warm day with the sun shining.

We headed out the front to the rocks to the left of the lighthouse armed with the fly gear . And Brian hooked a coalfish on his first cast.

 It was almost a fish a cast and in almost consecutive casts i completed the grand slam of a coalie,then a mackerel then a small pollack , if i had a bit foresight i would have kept the mackerel for bait , but i was confident we would not struggle to catch them at other marks, i was wrong as it was the only one of the weekend !

Brian finally  managed a decent pollack out the front on his chartreuse/white  clouser but most of the fare was with the coalies and a family group fishing feathers along side us were pulling them in groups of 3 and 4  .

 The minkie whales also put in a show occasionally porpoising at distance, a great sight.

from out the front
For the last hour and nearing high tide, we decided to fish the harbour in Moonen   Bay , here the sport was much better we both got pollock Brian with the best of them going over 4lb.

A stoater!

It had been a good days fishing , difficult at times to locate quality fish particularly out the front  perhaps it was the bright weather ?

After that we took the steep walk  back to the car then returned to the campsite cooked up some sausages  a couple of beers then went to get some sleep for day 2.



  1. My god I could spend weeks up at Neist Point! Not been up there this year either. Criminal. :)

  2. I do like Moonen bay Scott, next time I'm up there I intend to spen a bit of time there , and hopefully get s one thing different?