6 July 2013

What a load of Pollocks

Wednesday was my whole day to fish alone, not required to constantly pull from snags, tie up new rigs etc.
I decided to return to loch Pooltiel as it was so good to me on the Monday. It was a great day just a light ripple on the loch.
 So it was on with the chartreuse and white clousers . First cast I took a small pollack then next cast again hooked another fish this one the close cousin of the pollack the coalfish.
 soon after another two anglers turned up to spin on the mark , and I promptly took a couple of nice fish around 4lb they were kind enough to take some pics.

 I then dropped two losing my flies as the dived into the kelp . More fish followed with odd quiet spell mainly ranging from 2-4 lb, and I found a new colour of pink and white effective.

 I spoke to the other anglers who had the odd pollack, and got a basic tutorial on how to spin these big rubber eels, I was needing the info , as Lewis my sons friend was still to catch a crash diving pollack, above  lrf size and as he is a keen young angler, I wanted him to get one before leaving on Saturday.
Unfortunately I knackered my second fast sinker of the trip, so put it a way at once so not to cause more damage and put on my repaired line .
Before long I decided to go for a wander, to a nice wee spot I could see further round the loch. On the way i admired some of the wild flowers.

ragged robin

flag iris
This mark required a leap of faith across a 3ft gap , but soon I was on the rock. I replaced my damaged line with the one i damaged on the first night that id repaired ,First cast I took a smallish pollack around 2 1/2lb then I cast again the line departed the rod into the sea. doh!
the rock

So I decided to give my hrf kit a go and rigged a gulp sand worm Texas style with a 7gm cone head. I cast it out pausing , slow retrieve just bouncing it around the bottom then I got a tap , tap tap, then I hooked up but unfortunately it got off, i suspect it was a wrasse, then as contiued the retreive closer in a big pollack shadowed the sand worm, a few casts later I hooked it but it was unstoppable, simply a 30g spinning rod just ain't up to the job for stopping these beasts.

 So I decided to put on a intermediate and count it down for a bit longer a minute to be precise, and it worked, with a cracking pollack of 5lb.

A few casts later I saw a bigger fish follow then take , a brief hook up and the fly came out its mouth so I cast short, pulled it just sub surface and the fish rolled over it  off the top just like a trout . Then dived down the ledge , I stopped his first lunge, then on his second I feel i almost had him ,then i watched as the fly broke at the knot  10ft or so down and the big old pollack with my pink fly in its lip idly sounded for the deeps.What can i say....  Great fun!

It had been a great day perhaps 20 or so pollack landed a few lost and a single coalfish, absolutely shattered back home for tea at 7pm.

more to come........


  1. Great stuff col, smashing pollack, not sure i would be kean to take the jump onto that rock mind you!

  2. cheers Bri, we'll have to get up there for a bit fishing sometime, you would love it.

  3. Aye, its been on my mind! We'll need to sort out a long weekend camping or something like that?

    1. Sounds good to me! I think September is a good month!

  4. I that was a great holiday Colin but wares my Pollack :)

  5. Glad you enjoyed yourself Lewis, just putting the last few days together just now, your two belters are in the next report.

  6. Good to see you're sticking to the fly Col. We're going to be texas rigging rubber worms off the yaks on Thursday.

    1. Good luck don, looks good this yak mullarkey.

  7. It's the berries M8. Gonna get another one, you're welcome to have a try when I do 8-|

  8. thanks for the offer don , i'll keep it in mind.