22 July 2013

just the tomich!

Back yesterday from our summer holiday visiting my mum up in South Ronaldsay Orkney,  in the way of a change this year we spent three days at Tomich first near beautiful glen Affric before traveling further north. Most of our days were spent walking which was no hardship as the weather was great and the scenery magnificent.

the river Affric on the dog falls walk

bee beetle

time for a rest

clyde had a great time

on our last evening in Tomich I ventured up the hill at the back of our accommodation to take a look at a couple of hill lochs which i saw on a map, asking around it seemed that no fishing was done on these lochs any more, shame I thought but made my way up the hill for a look anyway and after about an hour I found a wee loch to the right of the path and a slightly bigger one down on the left. Somehow I had also managed to pack a rod and reel so it would be a shame not to have a wee cast in them eh!

 I opted for the bigger loch first and was encouraged to see a riser when setting up, so on went a cdc and elk and a corrie polly,   after a few casts i was pleased to bring the first trout to hand, not big as you would expect from a peaty lochan but a great fighter for its size.

a few more feisty trout followed  mostly taking the dries static

bog cotton

 only had time for a few casts on the smaller loch which didn't produce anything but looked really good, maybe another time. I went back down the hill contented having managed to squeeze a couple of hours fishing in before leaving for Orkney in the morning.


  1. Some really nice pictures Brian, nice to have you back!

    1. cheers Col, I had a wee go over the bridge yesterday after reading about your wrasse success, was getting a few taps but only managed a sea scorpion in the end! the seal was causing havoc with the macky brigade.

  2. Fantastic looking place, really whets the appetite. I'm off for a bit of hill loch fishing the first week of August and can't wait, hope I am fortunate to catch such lovely fish.

    I always enjoy reading your posts guys, cheers!

    1. thanks Douglas, your comments are appreciated. I'm sure you'll have a great time, where abouts are you heading? col and I have one or two hill lochs on the to do list, if we can drag ourselves away from the salt that is!

  3. I'm heading up to Grantown on Spey for a week with the family and then after that I'm planning a couple of wee getaways with my good friend "rod". I've been really enjoying your sea fishing posts lately, during this hot spell I've mostly hit the coarse fish but the salt always has it's allure so some of that soon I hope.

    There's a secret trip I have planned but I haven't received permission to fish that water yet, I am hopeful though and if received I'll then have to navigate the missus ;)

    1. Sounds good Douglas, it's a nice part of the world, looking forward to reading about your secret trip if all goes according to plan!