19 July 2013

A wrasse..shhh Decision

I've been feeling a bit lost fishing wise recently since returning from Skye, it's sweltering here has been for the past week. I've had a trip to my local river, for trout but its not pleasant fighting through undergrowth , and the pond for perch but in truth my passion for freshwater fishing is totally flat at the moment, I just want more saltwater fishing in any case a sea breeze would be nice.

A bit of a dilemma today , thought will I head for a beach , low tide at 5 pm could do the flounders if i could get hold of some mackerel for bait, then i thought any beaches will be heaving with dog walkers,and sun worshippers . So I then thought about the mackerel on the fly gear, but the low water being at 5pm and High water being at just before midnight so didn't fancy it. So I finally decided to give the lrf stuff a bash, and concentrate on a species that has so far eluded me to this method .......wrasse.

So I headed over  to Fife and I got to my chosen spot at 4:30pm, some guys were using lug on the front of the breakwater and while I set up they had a wee wrasse, followed by a cod. Just what I'm after i thought, so I decided to drops shot a section of tan isome worms, and eventually after lots of plucks from coal fish I had a pollack, Infact in various parts of the breakwater I picked up a few .small but Great fighters on the light gear, but in truth I was a little disappointed as they weren't my target species.

A few hours in and only a few pollack to show for my efforts I decided to have a go in the harbour. I dropped in my setup and then to my surprise they emerged plucking and being quite curious of my bait but not hooking up,though a few close calls , though. I went through colour changes , tried gulp sand worms even a senko type worm but the pattern was the same just  curious , circling fish followed by wised up fish.

Eventually though I got one not one of the ballans I had seen but a little goldsinny.

I was pleased a new species.

Moments later I hooked up again this was a good wrasse but it snapped me. I then decided to thread up my other reel which had 15lb braid as opposed to nanofil. Straight away I hooked another fish only for it to drop off half way up the wall , I think it was a rockling or a butterfish?

Next drop down again I got what I had came for, after a good fight taking line etc , I landed this wee belter.

Mission accomplished thought I was another trip away from success, with the sun starting to go down and Sammy  the seal making a entry I decided to call it a night. I think I'll have another shot over the weekend.



  1. That's a seal?
    Love the bridge in the header.

  2. hi alan, that is indeed a seal, the bridge on header is on quite a famous scottish river the tweed.

  3. Glad you got your target, a motivational booster

  4. cheers martin, its nice to find a niche in the mojo department.going back for another shot over the weekend.

  5. nice going good read .............get the fly rod out :-)

  6. cheers Dave, might dig the fly rod out next week.