26 May 2013

Some you win some you Lose

Today i fished a local I've recently acquired a permit for, its opened up lots of new water so today i went to sample it. Walking it banks i was pleased to finally see the hawthorns flies hatching , there was hundreds of them on the bank side vegetation, approximately a month late..
bibio marci

first i fished some featureless flats , a few up wings were hatching so i used my trusty shucked CDC ,rose a few fish but missed them, eventually though one stuck and it proved to be a good fish , a few hairy moments when i ploughed into some snags , but eventually i took it to hand , just a couple of ounces under 2lb.

I was fairly chuffed to get off the mark especially with such a nice trout. continuing upstream i landed some more trout averaging around the pound, then i spotted what was clearly a better fish in a prime spot. Best i could do though was prick him, i held my head in my hands for a while. The next pool had two trout rising, eventually i hooked the lower one on a brown biot klink and it was a good one . i just about had it beat then it nutmegged me (ran between my legs ) went round my leg and broke off, things just were not going well. I got his wee pal though who was just over the pound. A couple of pools up again . Two fish rising , the lower one intermittently, but I'm glad i stuck it out with him as he was a belter. Took me ages to tame this beast, applying side strain trying to prevent it finding any  sunken branches etc lots of hairy moments as my tight tippet stroked a bankside twig on my near bank this time i kept my legs firmly closed and On my third attempt i finally managed to slip the net under him. I was delighted. What a fish!
3lb 2oz

 I needed a rest after that i sat for 5 minutes just to take in the occasion.

once on my way again , i caught a few more fish , then i spotted another better fish feeding , i chose to ignore the smaller fish rising in my near side , he was feeding well taking everything, and the first cast he walloped my CDC , and fought well, nothing like the fish above but as he hit the shallows he shot off upstream ripping line off. but eventually he was netted. Looks like he had had a tussle with either a mink or a otter with a section of his ample tail missing and a nasty wound on his belly.

    A couple more around the pound and a quarter mark followed, it had been a great wee session, a few better fish lost yet some crackers landed.


  1. Well done col, what a day you had, those fish are all crackers!

  2. Thank you bri, almost seemed full of big fish yesterday.

  3. What beautiful fish . Superb


    1. Thanks Andy, was delighted with them.

  4. Crackers Col, I saw them on the forum as well, I see they were on other flies not the hawthorns.


  5. Thanks Stuart , maybe a breeze would put them on the hawthorns, I don't know, to be honest I can only think of one occasion, where I've seen fish feeding on hawthorns and that was on one of the burns, on my local they really don't care for terrestrials at all, but that's probably got something to do with its strength of producing very good upswing hatches, so there's always a abundant waterborne larder o dine upon.

  6. Those are some very big browns! Well done

  7. Thanks Mark, was a good days work.