31 May 2013

Evening on the Green burn

Went up to a fertile local burn this evening. I tied some spinners prior to this visit having seen them (olive upright spinners) in abundance further down on the river last night whilst walking the dog.

 hook: sprite model perfect 14
 tail: coq de leon
abdomen: mahogany turkey biots
 wing: light grey poly yarn
 thorax: rust dubbing


The river was low and fairly clear with a green tinge. we haven't had any rain for a fortnight now and its showing on all the local rivers , they could do with a freshen up and a bit more flow.   

As i walked down its banks there was no fly to be seen on the water, and there fore no trout rising .
Water Avens

Then while setting up a fish rose tight to the foot of a tree trunk in the tail of a pool. so once set up i put on a size 12 klink , but didn't want to know, i then decided to size up to a size 10 dirty polly and try and get this stubborn fish to rise, half a dozen casts or so later nothing, i was just about to put that disturbance down to something else then up he came . He was a fine fish for a burn  too.
 First fish out the way i had steady sport taking fish not in all pools but most. Not quite the perfect spinner fall but the newly tied patterns took a few.
The woolly bugger also came in useful in a few pools , although the majority were caught on a dry. it had been a nice evening fishing , even though there was no true evening rise just the odd sporadic fish to go for.


  1. Nicely done.
    That underwater pic of the brown is awesome.

  2. Thanks Alan, just a lucky shot.

  3. Lovely flies Col and of course some lovely fish!

  4. thanks douglas the spinners prove their worth, every so often.