12 April 2013

Trout fishing Sudoku

Sometimes trout will take the first generic imitation you present to them, but on some occasions you may come across a grand master trout that's seen it all before and been around the block a few times, every pattern etched into his grey matter . Today I came across a grand Jedi master trout.

I thought it was going to be a walk over, a shucked olive will do the trick i thought to myself, but this fish detected my presence when I tried to wade into a drag free position and stopped feeding, so I continued  upstream only to find no risers. Back downstream again there he was rising again, I decided to stick to the bank although I know he was lying in a difficult spot difficult that is to achieve a drag free presentation, meanwhile another fish was also rising 20ft further up the pool. First to try was the shucked CDC, then the curved CDC, then the dhe, then a ginked up spider , i went smaller then  bigger, I just couldn't get him to take,i spent probably a whole hour casting at this fish, and I was considering throwing in the towel and going for the other fish just upstream,but  then I decided to try a CDC and elk i must admit this is not a fly i would consider in a upwing hatch however i beleive it's inventor uses it exactly for that . First cast he hammered it, the grand master was beat but I'm sure he will remember the footprint of the CDC and elk , etched into his memory and give other   anglers a real conundrum.



  1. Perseverance paid off with that one Col. He looks a wise un!

  2. Thanks Martin, he pushed metro my limit, I was all ready for flinging stones at him.