11 April 2013


I must admit that as far as fishing and luck go, I am full of superstition, I have preferred hats , jackets. Etc, some which I can not be without whilst on the riverbank.The old lucky hat had to go to the bin before the start of the season as it was so worn , but I think I've broken in another?

So it was with a new hat, I headed of to do a spot of fishing with down the local trout stream.
I immediately realised I had forgotten my weigh net, something I'm rarely comfortable with but often a good omen.

I was set up by 1:30pm nothing was happening barely a fly hatching, and hardly surprising with the cold easterly and a faint sign of harr blowing off the sea. The river though was looking gorgeous , nice and low with reasonable clarity, just how I like it.

With in 15 minutes though the odd olive was coming off so I headed downstream to see if I could find a feeding fish, a fish rose , must have been 1:50pm , I got in position and left it to feed to see if it would start to feed a bit more intensely, by 2 pm the hatch was at it's peak, (and it was a really good hatch )the fish though seemed to feed in spells , taking 2 emerging flies and then having a rest, he was also a bit of a wanderer working a area but not rising twice in the same spot  , and after casting a Klink followed by a curved CDC , He was starting to get to me a bit. A fly change to a shucked CDC emerged did the business, it took 20 minutes to crack the code, but it was worth it with a stunning fat burnished trout being my reward blessed with ample pectoral fins ,I think the shucked cdc is  going to see a good bit action over this spring.

 shucked klink recipe
hook : sprite 14
shuck: small pinch of singed poly yarn
abdomen:;olive turkey  biot
wing: cdc
thorax: olives hares ear

Up in the next pool another fish was going steady, again in the lee of a fallen  tree, ignoring the Duns and taking emergers.

again he was a wanderer , but with the study done on the first trout , It wasn't long before I struck into him, then there was fireworks as he jumped and pelted off below me downstream , eventually though he tired and i brought him to hand .

That was my lot, only another fish I spotted which surfaced twice, despite covering it I could not tempt it. Looks like what few fish are feeding at the moment are generally of a good stamp though the fore casted change in the weather this weekend should help bring more fish on the feed. Now i have to question myself is it  my new hat ,or is it leaving  the net that  brought  me good fortune?


  1. Great stuff.
    Could you post the recipe for that fly.

    1. Thanks Alan, I,ll edit the post with the recipe below the picture

    2. Thanks,
      I tied up a variation. I'll give it a good test next time out.

  2. nice col, cracking trout there!

    1. Cheers bri, there well worth the effort.