1 April 2013

easter weekend trouting

We decided on a local burn for Saturday afternoon,not a normal burn mind you, but one which seems to produce better than average trout. we arrived at 1.30 pm to find a few dark olives hatching already and more importantly the odd riser to go for. In the first pool i put a fish down, col pricked a fish in the next pool up and then i struck  far to late for the third , start of season rustiness! Col got it spot on with the next fish though and landed this lovely trout.

another trout for me on the klink before the hatch died,  from then on we fished blind  NZ  style, where we lost and landed a few more

  including a fine trout of 1lb 10 oz for Col on his new nymph

last of the day

on sunday we were back for more, arriving a wee bit earlier than yesterday we sat and waited for the hatch to get under way, soon the odd olive was coming down and we spotted the first riser of the day which took the klink

we had a great time for an hour or so targeting risers before the hatch petered out

col landed another on the nymph before we walked to have a look at another wee burn in the area, there wasn't much doing on this burn except two risers in the same pool which i put down, still it was worth investigating, maybe another time.



  1. Nice outing. Wonderful browns.
    That Sage rod is it a Fli?

  2. Thanks Alan, it is indeed a 7' 6" Fli , it's been a good purchase.

    1. I have the same model Sage, it's a 7ft 3wt. They're nice rods.

  3. Very nice looking trout there guys, I'm out tomorrow hoping for better than I've had so far this season, so what's the materials list on that nymph Col ?.

  4. Thanks Douglas , the materials i used i'm sure can be sustituted without too much or any differance in it's performance, its got a bit eye catching flash about it , just a softer nymphed up version of the glister bug really. i'll list the materials i used.

    hook:kamasan b175 size 12 with 3mm gold bead
    tail: coq de leon (sure partridge would work just as well)
    riB: mettalic green copper wire
    abdomen: hareline icedub (olive)
    thorax: peacock glister
    thorx cover :pearl flash back