29 March 2013

Stick or Twist

I shook the dusting of snow off my wading boots and headed down river for 1:30pm . The  sun made a rare appearance today and although it was cold , i could feel the heat from its rays. I sat looked at a few pools the odd olive came off but not a fin stirred i wondered if i should just sit it out , then i decided to gamble and head away a mile upstream over the brae to a  familiar early season pool.

I passed  a few slowish typical early season pools before arriving at the  pool  just after 2pm .

 A fish conveniently rose in front of me with what was a fair number of flies hatching  .  A cast in front of him and he obliged taking my  biot klink , just a wee silvery fellae, but perfect.

As i was returning the fish another fish rose almost where i took the last one, then a dog walker passed and i never saw it rise again despite allowing time for it to return to the feed and covering the general area.

I decided to head back downstream in the hope that the pools may have the odd riser,  where i met a fellow angler , he hadn't seen a fish , hardly a fly , and that was pretty much  it for the day. Not the most   productive of fishing days , but any fish just now is a bonus.


  1. Days will get better both weather and greenery. And with that so will the trout angling.
    By the way that header brown has one awesome tail.

  2. Yes Alan looking forward to that time when the trout move into the pacier water and have a longer feeding spell.

  3. Ditto on Alan's comment, that is one paddle of a tail for sure! We are starting to see warmer days and rising fish and I am sure the same will be coming your way soon

  4. Thanks Mark, the temperatures have slowly started to creep up a little over the weekend.