21 October 2012

beach bums

With all the rain during the week there was no chance of  any Grayling fishing yesterday so we were back on the beach  yet again  more flounder fishing! unlike last weekend there wasn't a big surf so ounce and a half leads was all that was required, we fished with two hook flappers and i had one rod set up with a flowing trace in the hope of a decent Turbot.
Viper's Bugloss grows on the salt marsh next to the beach

there's something addictive about watching the rod tips for bites

Col was doing well, it seemed like every time i looked round he was into yet another flounder
i was struggling on the other hand, only managing the odd flounder, but did get a nice one on the flowing trace
later in the afternoon i had a wee move up the beach to a bit of rippled sand  and started to pick up a few more flounder. Unfortunately no sign of  any Turbot today,big or small, we'll just have to keep trying until we get a good one.

the beach did throw up one surprise at the days end, a fine sea trout

i wish i had caught it on the fly rod rather than a  2-4 oz bass rod! still nice to see though.


  1. Sweet plus that trout. Almost like a salmon.

    1. Thanks Alan, It's mouth was full of sprats about the same size as my strip of mackerel, a bar of silver.