21 October 2012

a window of opportunity

I finally got around to cutting my mother in law's conifer hedge this afternoon, but  as well as loading a hedge cutter into the car,  my wee Norwich and a pair of waders seemed to find their way into the boot too! with the hedge cut and cleaned up i made the short journey to the grayling burn, in the hope that it was running clear enough to fish.

 By this time it was quarter to three so time was limited, but my first impression was that clarity looked ok. In the first pool i hooked a fish momentarily on a glister nymph, don't know if it was a Grayling or a trout, but it was encouraging anyway. Next up in a favourite pool i spotted the unmistakable rise of a smutting Grayling which obliged by taking a wee klink.

and another, like peas in a pod
this pool had smutting grayling too but i missed them all!
one more on the glister nymph
there was still lots of good water to fish but i had to leave with the light begining to fade,looking forward to the next time.


  1. nice fish brian, i could do with a bit grayling action.

  2. thanks col, weathers looking more settled this week so you should get your wish.

  3. Grayling, I've never caught one. They seem to have a small and delicate mouth.
    Are they hard fighters?

  4. I think you would like Grayling Alan, their mouths are designed for bottom feeding most of the time, when they do rise,its almost verticly from the bottom making them tricky customers to hook on the dry at times.
    A good grayling in a strong current puts up a memorable fight, they use their lovely big dorsal fin to hold out in the flow, the first sight that red coloured fin on a cold winters day is truly magical sight.