2 September 2012

Curse of the Weever!

On Thursday i headed of to a new location for flounders , i blanked found it hard going with the speed of the incoming tide , but it was worthwhile as a recce , especially for other species .

That night Brian phoned and before we know it i was  allowed to go fishing again on Friday. We headed to our new favourite flounder beach, with a few Blueys for bait , and before long Brian had the first flounder followed by the next and the next.

I meanwhile couldnt get a bite before a succession of wee ones got me off the mark including my first "Double Shot"

Heres another interesting catch ,a reverse sided Flounder.
I also managed one of these unfortunate little critters and thinking it was a wee whiting i almost thought nothing of picking it up , but on closer inspection i could see it was a common weever , not one for handling!!!
15 Flounder for the session was the total tally.

On the way back up the road we stopped in at the place i fished the day previous with no result, but the target was differant , mackeral with the fly gear. We set up walked along the breakwater and waited for a "Blitz" .
 Then it happened brian ran along the top of the breakwater cast and was in , that followed with me also hooking up what scrappers they are on the fly gear! Another Brace followed for me  and Brian had  a wee coalie.
 Clousers in white , pink and white and chartreuse and white did the job.
1 each for the table  and 2 for bait for the flatties for Saturday (yes another day fishing!!!) .

Next day found us heading south for a change on a flattie mark, with the chance of a Turbot, we lasted all of an hour before feeling a bit discouraged with untouched baits , so we headed to the harbour, lovely looking place , but apart from the tap tap of tiny wee coalies we could not get a bite from a decent fish . We felt like Ducks out of water in all honesty. It's a learning curve this saltwater angling and we are still fairly new to the game. But thats what makes it so engrossing. The mackeral tasted great!


  1. great post col those weavers bloody hurt as well

  2. Cheeers Dave, The remedy sounds a bit painful too!

  3. Hey guys, you're fairly getting in to the sea fishing. Catching more fish than I ever do too!

    We should maybe arrange a meet up sometime.


    1. Thanks John , loving the sea fishing at the moment , it's a nice refreshing change ,it would be great to meet up.

  4. nice one guys, do you eat any of the Flounders, good eating i belive!

    Enjoying your blog



  5. Hi Stuart. Brians had a couple , ive still to try one . just need to get one big enough to make it worthwhile. Makes a change catching fish i actually like eating.

  6. Aye smoked the first one and made a fish cake, breaded the other, they were good eating.Wouldn't mind catching a Turbot as ive read they are tasty, easier said than done though!