6 September 2012

A wee bit local Swff-ing

Went back to the mark we had a shot for the Mackeral at last Friday. Decided to give my super Fast sinking built in shooting head a try. Started off well with 10 second count downs when a mackeral  took my chartreuse and white clouser which i landed then accidentally returned (butter fingers). Unfortunately i lost that fly shortly afterwards , so it was on with another , a flash clouser i tied up lastnight  caught my eye, and how effective it proved to be taking 2 mackeral and a coal fish in fairly quick succession as well as attracting others.
wee coalie

Flash clouser

Shortly after i mysteriously lost my fly , probably cracked it off? so had to find another fly, was'nt having much joy with any other flies , A few fishless hours went by , infact the mackeral seemed to have disapeared alltogether . So i went and explored some other parts.
Thought it looked quite pollacky but never got a sniff.

Moved back to here i was and got another little coalfish, had another rest fished bits changed line to intermediate , then changed back again to the fast sinker, nowt doing! Then out of the blue i got a take to a white clouser , a better Coalie? No a Pollack,and my first, result! Another species!
 Just to cap the day  off managed a smaller one   on a similar unweighted fly just before heading for home. 
Must get tying some flies might beable to squeeze in another SWFF-Ing trip yet? Got a nasty line groove on my finger needing a bit  nursing.


  1. The good old Mackies on a fly rod, great fun. Well done on adding another species... as for the Weever I know two guys that would be delighted to add that one to the tally ...


  2. Cheers Martin, seems you've had a change in your usual habits as well , going for the freshwater species . i'm waiting for the urge to grab me back to trout fishing but just now it's not really grabbing me , hopefully it will though only 1 month to go of the season left.

  3. It's quite a while since I've done any SWFFing, I'd have to say I'm always impressed with just how brutal the salties fight, I think the most fun I've had would have to be Pollack. Nice report Col and nice fish too.

  4. great stuff col, thought your fast sinker would be handy, i'll need to get one now!

  5. cheers douglas, think i'll have to put some effort in for the pollack ,shouldnt be too hard to beat my existing pb. lol Brian dead right with the fast sinker, even the mackies were deep, down, it really does get down quick that line