30 July 2012

Rush Hour!

We decided to do a bit piking today for a change. On arrival the water looked perfect , and we were feeling pretty confident , we were going to get a few fish. The sun was shining though and a few hours passed before we decided to go ashore for a break , but not before i got a follow followed by a take  .

At 3:50pm i decided to get back in the water and get paddling up to a new bit of water. Once in position we started fishing  i hooked a fish, he tail walked and the hook sprung loose, a few casts later i was in again but again the hook came free. But finally i hooked up and was into a nice pike that fought hard.
Shortly after i chinned out a a nice pike that went 9lb on the scales.
The water was on fire, as i hooked and landed another jack, Then brian shouted me he'd hooked up!

A nice pike that went just under 15lb on the scales. Could be a few more pound come Autumn on it.

No sooner had he released that fish and he was in again!

A pristine marked pike,and  no sooner was that pike released and I  and hooked up ,

Just a wee one , that was our sport for the day as the sun came out and the wind died , although we fished on for a few more hours there was no more action. It was mad  hours sport , my arm is aching after casting these flies , needing a rest!


  1. Some nice Pike there, well done and a wee bit of variety as well with the Wrasse and Perch.

    Bass fishings been doing my head in and had a break myself.


  2. Cheers Martin, really enjoying the wrasse fishing very much a novelty still , just been digging some lug , notice you have had a very nice stripy the other day!

  3. Yeah Col, got a wee bit lucky with that one. Anything with spikes and fins is a target! You know how it is. Funnily enough I'm trying for Wrasse for an hour under the guise of a trip with the Mrs to the shore for a barbi on Saturday. I'm having a shot with soft plastics...she doesnt like smelly bait. Not on solid ground yet with this method but will see how I go. You've got to love the Wrasse!